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Running An Effective Social Media Campaign For Your Business

Business owners who invested early in building up their presence on social media sites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) have hit it big. It turns out that the social networks are the perfect place to interact with current and potential customers, and the marketing possibilities are virtually endless.

Social media gives you a platform you can use to address millions of potential customers in every corner of the world. Even making a modest splash in the social media world translates into thousands of new followers, every one of whom could become a paying customer. Establishing a strong social media presence strengthens your brand and may very well amplify your profits by an enormous amount.

What exactly does managing your social media presence mean, though? Do you simply set up a few accounts and hope for customers to notice? No! What you get out of social media is going to be proportional to the effort you put in. Here’s where to get started.

1) Update Regularly

Many of your social media posting options are extremely terse. Tweets can only be 140 characters long, and Facebook status updates are also tightly constrained. Don’t let this keep you away from your followers, though! Post links on a regular basis to keep your accounts fresh. You can point towards new content on your website or even just link to another page that’s relevant to your niche. Keeping your accounts busy will encourage followers to pay more attention. They’ll also be more inclined to consider your accounts as viable ways to contact you.

2) Stay Relevant

Don’t let the need for frequent updates knock you out of your niche! As mentioned above, your last resort for social media updates should be linking to third party content, not posting something random. Remember that your followers aren’t expecting the world from you when they look at a tweet or a status update. Even tossing out a quick factoid will help – as long as it’s relevant to your business. Be creative in your hunt for useful, interesting content that relates to your niche.

3) Incentivize Sharing

Every social network has mechanisms in place that allow users to share content with their own friends and followers. You want to do everything you can to encourage your followers to use those mechanisms. Giving out some form of incentive is a great way to do this. Starting a contest is an excellent example. Invite followers to submit something relevant that you’ll post on your own account, then award a prize to the follower whose content gets the most likes. If you’re looking for other ways to encourage more sharing, you can always fall back on the old marketing standby: make a special offer that’s contingent on sharing your content with friends and followers.

As you grow more experienced with your social media accounts, you’ll find that it doesn’t take much time at all to keep them running smoothly. Devoting a few hours a week to social media activity can have a tremendous positive impact on your business’s online presence.

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