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Analyzing Your Website Traffic

A slow website is a very common complaint with a lot of online shoppers. If you feel that you may be losing out on sals from a website that is too slow, you can look to for resources to help you optimize your website. This is a site offering free website speed analysis to help improve the loading time of your pages. All you have to do is add in the URL to be analyzed when you get on the website.

The results you get will allow you to make the necessary updates to your site. You can find recommendations about the image sizing, the number of images, total size of the pages, image quality and more. You can take the time to study what recommendations come up at the end of the report. For example, if the size of the images on your website are more than 30k, you could consider cutting down the file sizes on the images. More importantly, you never need to be a tech guru to be able to understand the feedback. is a great tool that can help with analyzing the page ranking that your website has on Google, the link value, popularity, and indexed pages. The Google PageRank system will show the relative value of a website. To put it more simply, the higher that your pages rank, the more important the website is viewed to be. The highest ranking possible is 10 and the lowest is no rank at all. One interesting feature of is that there will be an estimated dollar value of your site that comes up.

Build Up The Traffic Vocabulary For Your Website

If you understand the meaning of some of the different buzzwords regarding the traffic for a website can go quite a long way. It will help you to analyze the traffic for your own website and also allow you to hire the perfect person to help drive a great deal of traffic to your website.

Visits vs. Hits

Two words that are most often confused in traffic vocabulary are hit and visit. Visits are the user made website requests and the hits are the requests made for any files. These are fundamentally different. The homepage could have 10 different files, for example, to include images, audio files, javascripts and more. One visit may result in 10 hits. Never accept the number of hits as being the measure of website traffic. You only need to worry about the actual number of visitors since you will be able to get a better idea of traffic from a realistic standpoint. Hits will actually be an unreliable way for measuring traffic.

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